There are “experts” and then there are EXPERTS.

At Concierge COVID Testing we are experts in servicing and accommodating the production industry.

Our job is to make your job easier and safer. Our secret: Experience and communication.

1) Streamlined testing process, so you can have more daylight to shoot.

  • It’s not about getting the Rapid Test results in 10min and PCR results the same day. That’s pretty much the current industry-leading standard. We do that too. What’s more important is providing an under a 20-second per-test interaction thus testing up to 50 people in 20 minutes or less, so you can have more daylight to shoot.
  • Like a professional racing pit crew we have honed our skills by practicing, analyzing and practicing again.
  • By establishing seamless communication with our clients, we obtain and prefill all the necessary patient information on our paperwork in advance. Things like name, date of birth, address, telephone and email all get prefilled, resulting only in a need to obtain one quick signature on test day.
  • We have developed a system of vehicle and pedestrian traffic control, which allows for faster, more efficient flow, and ensures that no one accidentally “slips through” onto the set without being tested.
  • We actually make friends and integrate with the onsite COVID Coordinator. Working as a unit allows for a significantly smoother progress.

2) We go where we are needed on ultra short-notice.

  • If the night before the shoot, the UPM informs us that a new talent wants to be tested at home vs. coming out to the set, we say “Absolutely!” and take care of it

3) We reduce your cost and your liability

  • By virtue of being a Concierge service, we reduce and/or eliminate siphon pay. If necessary, we will drive out to the cast and crew’s homes and test them there, saving the production from unnecessary expenditures.
  • Being a licensed and certified lab, allows us to take on all the liability associated with COVID testing.

4) We reduce your burden and headaches by helping you with the logistics.

  • We work closely with the UPM and the COVID Coordinator/Compliance Manager to assist with the scheduling and facilitation of the entire testing process.

5) We save you money

  • We offer VERY competitive rates for rapid and PCR testing.

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